To develop lifestyle habits
that will last!


When you return from vacation, many of you may have set goals of eating healthily, getting more physical activity or losing weight to make up for excess food during the summer.

While setting goals is a great way to achieve your aspirations, many people set unrealistic goals. For example, many people resort to drastic diets to achieve significant weight loss in a short period of time. However the result is the yo-yo effect! Moreover, studies show that two thirds of people who lose weight thanks to a diet, regain it after one year and after 5 years, 95% of these people regain the lost weight and even more. So why not do things a little differently this time around and aim for a lifestyle instead of drastic changes?

First, think about setting realistic goals. For example, if you have never brought your lunch and your goal is to do it every day, it might seem restrictive. On the other hand, a realistic goal might be to start with easy-to-make and tasty lunches twice a week. Also, instead of relying on restriction as diets often do, think about what you could add to your diet to make it healthier. You may be able to commit to drinking more water, incorporating snacks between meals, or having more vegetables on your plate.

By focusing on positive wording, you will find more motivation to stay focused on your goal unlike diets that rely more on deprivation.

In addition, measuring your progress only by weight loss can lead to the abandonment of healthy lifestyle habits and may even be an unhealthy relationship with food. For example, if a person loses weight by following a private diet, the latter may want to reward themselves with food or if it is the opposite, they may deprive themselves even more in order to lose the pounds gained, thus disconnecting from the internal signals of hunger and satiety and the needs of our body. It should also be remembered that weight is influenced by several factors other than fat intake, including muscle mass gain or water retention.

Since weight is not the only determinant of health, focus instead on the benefits of your lifestyle changes: better sleep quality, higher energy levels, decreased stress levels, etc. By focusing more on wellness and health, you’ll be better able to adopt a healthy lifestyle for life!

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