How it works


First session: Nutritional evaluation

During this session which lasts about one hour and a half, we discuss about your goals, lifestyle, medical history and eating habits. Based on your food diary that would have been provided and filled by you prior to this session, we will assess your food intake and eating behaviour. At the end of this session, we will give you some nutritional recommendations as well as actionable strategies to jumpstart your journey to healthy eating.

The frequency of follow-up sessions after the evaluation will discussed with you, taking into consideration your needs and wants.

Receipts are provided for insurances purposes after each session

Follow-up sessions

At the follow-up, we will check-in on your progress and continue to provide you with support, motivation and nutritional recommendations. We will discuss nutrition topics of interest to you and which can help you embrace your journey to healthy eating and develop a sustainable lifestyle.
Here are some examples of topics which can be covered during the follow-up sessions while taking into account your preferences and needs.

  • Recipes, snack ideas and meal structure to optimize your well-being
  • How to deal with emotional eating
  • Managing and decreasing your food cravings
  • Implementing the principles of mindful eating
  • Decreasing your food compulsions
  • Curbing your cravings
  • Meal planning and meal preparation strategies
  • Decoding the nutrition labels
  • One on one grocery visits
  • How to manage chronic diseases (Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.)
  • Vegetarianism and veganism

Receipts are provided for insurances purposes after each session

Ready to jumpstart your journey to healthy eating?